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Modu – High Roller / Prototype Down




Cat: INFORM 020
Released: 9 November 2015

It’s a proud moment when any label gets to its 20th release and, at Inform HQ, we’ve put together something a bit special for this momentous occasion. We’ve called upon the prodigious talents of Bristols’ Modu.

He’s been with us since the early days, first our second Summer Selections, and has stuck with us ever since, releasing the exercise in-depth that was Window Seat / Timelapse shortly after. A regular fixture at our label nights and a rising star in drum and bass at the moment, we’re proud to welcome him back onto Inform Records.

This time around he’s really pushed the bracket and delivered two slices of sublime crossover drum and bass that blur the line between light and dark.

High Roller is a fast-paced, upbeat track, as the name suggests, that seamlessly references the classic liquid funk era alongside some darker jungle flavours. Timeless liquid vibes square off against a cheeky dark bassline to make a track just dripping in vibes.

Prototype Down echoes the dark, industrial vibes the name evokes. It’s quick and, after a euphoric breakdown, gets down to business rolling out. Intricate drums, deep bassline and ceaseless evolution make this the thoughtful DJs weapon.

At Inform we’re dedicated to signing, pushing and promoting only the finest rollers for the discerning listener and we sincerely hope you like INFORM020.