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Konfront.Audio – Culture ft Flint / Reincarnation




Cat: INFORM 011
Released: 31 March 2014

After the fiesta that was Duoscience’s 4 track Brazilian liquid funk EP Inform are straight back on with the followup in the form of a single release from Swiss fraternal maestros Konfront.Audio, real names Simon and Yves Raemy. With a name like Konfront.Audio the assumption is that these guys mainly made D&B geared towards the darker end of the spectrum and, with releases already on Citrus Recordings, Syndrome Audio, Dysfunk Music and Structured Music you’d be mostly right. Mostly.

Switching their style up here and proving that they’re equally dab hands at laying down some lush liquid vibes as they are smashing it with the darkness Inform Records are proud to present INFORM011 – Culture (ft. Flint)/Reincarnation/Born Again (with Ryck) by Konfront.Audio.

This releases opening gambit is the sublime Culture. It is really a thing of beauty, a classic liquid roller that seamlessly references the deeper side of jazz and blues backed up with 21st-century production values. The whole tune is driven by Flint’s haunting vocal that floats between the gently undulating bassline reminiscent of Calibre’s recent output. There are hints at Konfront.Audio’s dark heritage here in the form of a few subtle midrange growls that come in at the end of the bar before fading back into the liquid vibes.

The B side, Reincarnation ups the dark vibes a little bit more while still retaining the beautiful muted jazzy themes set up by the A side. Here their growls are more prominent and play much more of a part pushing the tune along and accentuating the booming bassline. Working as counterpoint to the midrange bass manipulation are a few soul-esque fills, replete with 70s vox samples that work to give the tune a neo-noir feel to it, evoking images of being in a smokey jazz bar in the year 2054.

It is a sublime release that really showcases the full potential of crossover D&B and shows what can happen when producers leave genre boundaries. More top quality work from Inform Records, who are constantly pushing the bracket and scouring the underground to bring more high-quality music from less known producers from across the globe and look set to continue their rise through the D&B ranks.


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