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VA – Summer Selection EP Vol.2




Cat: INFORM 008
Released: 12 August, 2013

1.Modu – Why We Make Mistakes
2.Telex – Shanghai Horizon
3. Soul Motion – Blue Velvet
4. nCamargo – Too Good To Be True
5. Jam Thieves – Good Vibes
6. Vector & Macca – Adrift

The summer solstice might have passed us already but the weather’s still in full effect and the vibes are still flowing so, without any more ado, inform records are proud to present their summer selection vol. 2 EP. Drawing together a host of skilled young producers the EP is a showcase of some of the most exciting underground talent from the UK and beyond.

As always, the aim of the game here is to provide the same high quality, soulful, rolling liquid beats that Inform has become synonymous with and, like a dedicated postman, the EP fully delivers on that promise with some rolling basslines, beautiful musicality and high grade drum work.

The opening gambit “why we make mistakes” is the first outing on Inform for the west country’s Modu and is literally dripping in vibes. From the beautiful sweeping Rhodes piano to the soft, yet punchy percussion to a bassline that’s so deep it’ll make you want to be a better person, this really is a stellar bit of music from Exeter’s rising star.
Track 2 comes courtesy of Brazil’s Nicholas Camargo aka nCamargo. Called “Too Good To Be True” it’s got a real Latin flavour in the vein of other Brazilian producers like SPY or DJ Marky and a cheeky bassline switch backed by some lush, expansive percussion that’ll get you on your feet in no time.

Blue Velvet, the third track, is from a new collaboration between Portsmouth legends Mos and Centrik. Called Soul:Motion this new project is really one to watch, as amply demonstrated here. With Mos’ signature razor sharp sampling skills, tight, beautifully produced drums and a deep, slightly sorrowful bassline this track really is a thing of great beauty.

The local connection continues with Telex’s Shanghai Horizon. He might be from Portsmouth but his track effortlessly evokes images of the orient’s arching skyscrapers and sweeping vistas. Supported by the trusty think break and some wonderfully arranged sub bass that swings back and forth between the aisatic pads and samples to create a perfect fusion between east and west.

The EPs parting shot comes from Inform Records stalwarts and south coast badmen Vector & Macca. Called “Adrift” this track is a liquid roller stripped down to its bare elements, with a simple drum pattern lovingly crafted into a pared-down, punchy break, some exquisitely subtle sampling and a deep bassline with a vicious, growling edge to it. This track’ll shake you to your core and’ll be ringing in your ears for days afterwards.

Following in Inform’s maxim of high quality liquid drum and bass produced by rising talent the Summer Selection vol.2 EP is the perfect companion for those long, blissful summer days.