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Soul Connection – Spectrum EP




Soul Connection, a veteran of releases with Sound Trax and Soul Deep Recordings, amongst others, steps inside one again with a new EP on Inform. Inform is renowned for its high-quality releases, from the likes of RoyGreen & Protone, Beat Gates and many more.

The Spectrum EP, as the name suggests, takes us across the entire gamut of drum & bass. From Night Calls’ involved, textured approach, and filtered vocal samples to Natural’s jazzy feel, Soul Connection demonstrates his skills and experience throughout. The EP is by turn both dramatic and soothing, lively and contemplative.

Time 2 Flow takes things in a different direction, with a futuristic, shuffling beat and swooping, sweeping atmospherics. Closers Twisted and Wave Heart proves that drum & bass is never predictable, with the former moving your feet as well as your soul and the latter being a more straight-up roller with some deep, probing pads and melancholic vocal snatches.

With the Spectrum EP, Inform Records and Soul Connection offer you a release with depth, feeling and some seriously beautiful music.

Release Date: 3rd December 2012


1. Night Calls
2. Natural
3. Time 2 Flow
4. Twisted
5. Wave Heart


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