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Roygreen & Protone – Backyard Groove EP




Cat: INFORM 007
Released: 1 April, 2013

For their seventh release, Inform Records have, once again, called upon Austrian D&B production powerhouses RoyGreen and Protone. Their Backyard Groove EP is a journey through the full range of sounds that D&B has to offer at the moment backed up by the duoʼs prodigious production skills. The old adage ʻJack of all trades; master of noneʼ really doesnʼt apply here as, despite touching on a really wide variety of sounds, the pair consistently deliver high-quality results.

With the EPʼs title track, RoyGreen & Protone return to their classic liquid funk roots with a new-school twist that combines fat 808s, deep, rolling sub-bass and a cheeky Hammond organ sample to create a song thatʼs equally at its ease on a home stereo system or on a packed dancefloor.

Def is a foray into a less-explored territory for the pair that really evokes the more minimal sound of D&B. RoyGreen and Protone hold their own here against more accredited minimal D&B artists with a track which takes everything that’s best about their own tight, perfectionist production and transposes it to a darker, moodier environment.

Track number three, Endless Sleep, also veers towards the more minimal end of the spectrum but, unlike Def, is laden with gentle, sweeping pads, a stripped-down two-step rhythm and soft, barely audible, clicks and whistles. This is definitely a track for those long summer days.

The final track, and the only collaboration on the EP, is Sensitivity. Teaming up with Welsh liquid maestro Pennygiles Sensitivity is another classic liquid throwback with beautifully melodic sax samples, a drum pattern thatʼll have you tapping your feet in seconds and a booming bassline that skillfully weaves its way between the two extremes of restrained and in-you-face. All three elements come together to serve up a beautiful closing note to an EP that looks set to send Inform to dizzying heights in 2013.


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