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Modu – Timelapse / Window Seat




Cat: INFORM009
Released: 14th October 2013

As the shadows grow longer Inform is calling back on the skills of Matt Batchelor, better known as Modu.

Like fine cheese and good ale Moduʼs one of the West Countryʼs finest exports. Despite his short time in the D&B scene heʼs already had tuned out on some quality labels including Horizons and their imprint; Inside, Soul Deep Recordings, Artist Recordings, VelcroCityRecords and Pristine Records. The man himself has a high standard of production skills expected of all young DJs with a real flair for the deep and interesting. On INFORM009 he brings the rain.

Timelapse is a glittering slice of future funk, sent back to the past to wreak havoc on unsuspecting dancefloors. The soft, synthy intro lulls you into a false sense of security until it rolls out hard and unleashes a full-frontal audial assault replete with a frankly ridiculous bassline that roams through the frequencies. This is the kind of music thatʼd make Robocop cry and promise to be a better person.

When you listen to Window Seat itʼs easy to see why Horizons signed Modu. Like the coming winter itʼs the sound the light makes as it dies. Itʼs a mean minimal stepper thatʼs hungry like the wolf. If Timelapse runs and screams, this lurks in the shadows like a predator stalking itʼs prey.

With a bit of a harder direction for Inform but production values easily on par with their back catalogue, this is going to be one to watch. Donʼt say we didnʼt warn you.