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Kaii Concept – Summer Air / Warm Apple Pie




Cat: INFORM 027
Released: 30th October 2020

Since the turn of the year, we’ve all been missing raves and live shows. But, some producers have been hard at work in the studio creating tracks ready for when we can return to the venues. Kaii Concept is one of them, creating two Liquid inspired tracks with all the feel and excitement of a Summer festival.

Kaii has worked hard to formulate these amazing tunes to bring to Inform Records as we reach the latter stages of the year. Starting off with ‘Summer Air’, Kaii’s passion for atmosphere and textures strikes us straight away. Layered synths form the basis of the low and mid-end, with a twitching baseline and tight percussion offering an even richer sonic experience.

‘Warm Apple Pie’ greets us with a no-nonsense amen and soothes the soul with rich textures from all over the sound spectrum. Delicious vocal cuts and keys give a jazzy tinge to the track which is always going to be welcome.

We hope you enjoy this release.