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Caleo – Twisted Keys EP




Cat:INFORM 032

Released: 11th March 2022

Inform Records is delighted to welcome Caleo to the label with a strong 3-tracker EP ‘Twisted Keys’. If there is anything certain in this world, it’s that the talented London producer will never disappoint the lovers of deep drum and bass, this EP being no different.

Starting us off on the musical journey, Caleo takes us through dark and enigmatic wavelengths with the first track ‘Mystical Ends’. Accompanied with his signature deeply cutting bassline, the occasional chopped vocals, and a smooth, inarguably mysterious melody, this track is bound to put you in to a relaxed headspace.

The second track, and the namesake of the EP, ‘Twisted Keys’ features Onidae whose vocals are almost made for the deeper sounds of drum and bass. This aerial, yet still dark and powerful track gives the hopeless, almost tiring feeling of looking for your place in this world, twisting the keys on endless doors while they remain closed. “The hazy days, weight lifts…” as not all is lost, Onidae showing us light at the end of the tunnel with his words remaining as an echo in your mind even after the four and a half minutes of the song run empty.

Sweet like honey and fresh like the upcoming spring would be the exact words to describe the final track ‘Honeybee’ which brings us an airy, almost weightless atmosphere that is complimented by Rosie Bailey’s delicate and soft vocals. The lush melody and bassline are easy-going, almost as if meandering around, trying to find a flower to land on.

The ‘Twisted Key’ EP proves once again that Caleo is definitely a name to keep your eyes on as we are more than certain he has even more great things in store for the future.